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Close With Us - Scott Lushing
Close With Us - Scott Lushing
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Sunrise, FL, 33325
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 Company Description
Buying a home is often a long, tedious, and sometimes difficult process. The outcome however should bring with it a lot of excitement and joy.

Yet, every day we work with home buyers that have questions and concerns that they seem afraid to ask; or don’t know they are suppose to!

This website is geared towards helping realtors help their clients with those hard to ask and answer questions, and the proactive individual home buyer as well, who wants to take the time to educate themselves (the best type!).

Purchasing a home is in fact one of the largest (if not THE largest) purchase in one's lifetime, so a complete understanding of the home-buying process is essential!

With the industry changing continuously, locating current information is often difficult. Our goal is that this site will serve as an invaluable resource on mortgages and the home buying process.

Closing Loans with honesty and integrity.