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Be a Guardian Angel for Gage & Stacey

We are holding this campaign for Gage and Stacey—2 young children who lost their loving mother last March in a drunk driving accident, where her husband was the driver. Their grandparents have concurrent custody and are doing everything they can to provide for these kids who have lost so much.

Amanda, the kids’ mom loved her kids with her whole heart. They were her life. Gage, 10 years old, loves video games, math, reading, boating and swimming…he was definitely a momma’s boy. Stacey just turned one and she already has a personality like her mom—so loveable and beautiful. These kids are in a terrible situation, which is why we’re asking you to join us in supporting them.

The money raised will go directly to a trust fund their grandmother has started for them. Donations will make a huge difference for the kids’ futures.


Please make a donation to our fundraising page we have set up for Gage and Stacey and we will make sure they receive it.



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