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Commercial Auto Insurance Policies

Commercial Auto Insurance Policies

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What is Commercial Auto Insurance?

Commercial auto insurance is coverage for any type of company owned vehicle, or a vehicle that may be used for business purposes. The insurance plan provides coverage for the physical damages and liability when a company car has been involved in an automobile accident. This type of auto insurance can be used to cover cars, trucks, vans and large fleets used for conducting business. It may also be referred to as commercial vehicle insurance, or fleet insurance.

Who uses Commercial Car Insurance?

Since personal car insurance policies are not designed to provide coverage for businesses, any company that uses vehicles for the sake of their business in order to deliver goods or provide services need to be covered by commercial vehicle insurance. These policies are written up differently than your traditional personal auto insurance plans and can help keep yourself and your employees safe from expensive fees.

How Does Commercial Car Insurance work?

Commercial car insurance can provide coverage that is similar to a personal auto policy such as collision coverage, liability, medical payments and comprehensive coverage. However, it can also take care of special instances that are not normally covered by other standard plans. Commercial vehicle insurance covers any of your vehicles that are used for picking up goods or delivering products such as delivering newspapers, pizza or other food items. It can also be used for coverage for any vehicle leased or rented to others, or vehicles that are registered or titled to a business.

What are the Different Types of Commercial Insurance for Cars and Trucks?

There are several different types of commercial vehicle insurance available which include commercial liability, collision coverage, comprehensive insurance for commercial vehicles, under-insured and uninsured motorist coverage for commercial vehicles, and the many insurance options for fleet owners. These commercial insurance options can help protect your business from losing funds and keep your company vehicles safe from theft, vandalism, natural disasters or harmful weather conditions.

The Benefits of Commercial vehicle Insurance

Commercial vehicle insurance covers all types of vehicles used for business purposes from flatbed trucks to refrigerated vans and company cars. Those who work in the Commercial insurance business understand the special coverage needs that each company requires and can provide you with all the information that you need to take out the right insurance policy. Most policies offer collision repair services that can help to guarantee the life of your vehicles with high quality repairs you can depend on. They also include a wide assortment of special discounts that help make this type of coverage even more worthwhile.