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Boat Insurance Policies

Boat Insurance Policies

Liljenberg Insurance

Regardless of the type of boat that you own, you should consider the benefits associated with purchasing boat insurance. In many instances, the owner of a vessel is required to carry coverage on the boat. In some states, carrying a minimum amount of coverage is required, and the coverage requirements may vary by location, the type of vessel that is owned and other factors. In addition, if you have a loan on your vessel, the lender may require a minimum amount of insurance.

There are several types of boat insurance that you may purchase. Generally, most policies provide coverage against damage to your boat, but some policies are liability-only policies. Some coverage is based on the agreed hull value, and other coverage is based on the actual cash value. In addition, coverage for medical payments, fuel spill liability, wreck removal and other coverage may be available. Some policies include bodily injury coverage as well as damage to other boats or property. You may also include optional coverage for towing, hurricane haul out, freeze damage, fishing equipment, personal property and more.

When you purchase coverage for your boat, it is important to understand all of the potential losses you may incur due to everything from a boating accident to a major weather event. You may have a significant financial investment in your vessel, and you may also be required to compensate others if you cause them damage or injury while operating your vessel. When you have adequate coverage in place on your vessel, you will be able to spend time cruising the waterways with peace of mind. Whether you have coverage in place and you are not certain you are adequately insured or you are purchasing a vessel and need to buy a new policy, you can request a quote for insurance on your boat